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Top Five IT Trends for 2015


Jan, 15

Top Five IT Trends for 2015

Trends are developments that can serve as new opportunity focus for many businesses. By following changes as they happen, companies can change their solution methods. In this article I will address my vision on IT Trends for the coming year. I will sum up the Top five IT Trends that I think are worth knowing about.

IT Trends intend to be the observation of a changing Digital Evolution; a world in which in new technologies are quickly being adopted by technicians, companies, and end-users. The demands and dynamics of our IT environment constantly push us towards new innovations. Many of these changes can be modifying the current solution, or creating a new one from scratch on.

Next the question arises, what will be the IT Trends perceptions for this year? Trends tend to have a vibrant perception and therefore can be fictional or realistic. The sum-up will be based on a realistic, view based on last year and new IT landscape developments.

#1 Virtualization
Virtualization is not an unknown terminology in the Information Technology world. It has been here for a long time and it will continue to exist for the upcoming years. What makes virtualization a Trend is how it is being engineered. We have seen quite a few solutions based on virtualization. Software virtualization is in my opinion a great example of how it has changed the modern businesses of today. Pushing beyond the boundaries, we are seeing more solution based virtualization arising or making their presence as an accepted product. Server Based Computing (SBC) aka Session Based Desktop is one of the most applied solutions nowadays. On the other hand, my perception is that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will start to be a big changer in the game in the upcoming year(s).

#2 Disaster Recovery Service Solution
We all know that data consuming is growing rapidly. Retailers consume more and more data and therefore push towards affordable home storage solutions. This section of the market will keep to grow because of the high demand of data storage. Small, Mid-Size and Enterprise environments have different requirements for their Data Storage. These environments will start to focus on different solutions. Solutions which will meet their needs and facilitate them with the comfort of staying in control of their data. Cloud Storage will therefore start to make in entrance and at a point in time, will break the barrier and become a adopted solution for e.g. Disaster Recovery, Offsite Archiving or Backup.

#3 Hybrid mind shifts
The Hybrid term derives from the latin word hybrida (ibrida), which is well known in the car industry. Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a Hybrid Car, needing no further explanation. Hybrid in the Information Technology (IT) world is derived from a heterogeneous sources of elements in combination with incongruous kinds of environments. What this means is that we will start to see more and more integration of On-premise to Cloud, but also Cloud to Cloud. I believe that the more we get familiar with the concept, the more we will start to make solutions possible.

#4 Connectivity
Connectivity is a big word with tons of meanings for different kind of situations. If we take a look at one of the expandable areas of Connectivity, we will see “wireless fidelity” aka WI-FI. WI-FI demands will continue to grow and new varieties and techniques will rise. The question arises, how can you improve WI-FI? The simple answer is, hybrid combinations of techniques that exist this very day. One example is the improvement of the IP Backhauls portion in the telecommunications network. An other upcoming product is the Fiberclass Wireless solutions or Wireless in Motion. Once again, only integration and implementation are the biggest factors holding these techniques back.

#5 Tabletop computing
Smart-watches, smart devices and other such devices are on the rise and will make their landing this year. In the fashion world we have been following the launch of Nike’s Back To The Future shoes (MAG). What we missed is the rising of Surface computing or tabletop computing technology for industries and, later on, for households. The awareness of tabletop computing will be a new generation computer consumption. At that time, the integration with other systems is a fact and therefore we will get a greater experience.

Author: Franklyn Cecilia, Technical Consultant at Ingram Micro Cloud

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