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Acronis Backup Cloud 4.0 feature update


Jun, 15

Acronis Backup Cloud 4.0 feature update

As you should know by now, Acronis is one of the premium services offered through our Cloud Marketplace. But the world of IT is one of constant improvement and innovation. Acronis has rolled out a new release, version 4.0 of its cloud backup service, unlocking exciting new features to resellers on the Cloud Marketplace. Check out the full list below.

Improved Backup Management Console & User Experience

  • Redesigned Backup Management Console for modern look and better user experience
  • Recovery options are integrated into the Backup Management Console:
    • Display recovery points
    • Delete recovery points
    • Restore machine with reboot
    • Display recovery progress for file, image, VM and application restore
    • Revert virtual machine to its previous state
    • Auto-mapping disks for disk/volume recovery
  • Newly available Web interface for remote backup agent updates, allowing IT users to update Windows, Linux, and Mac agents from a single Backup Management Console
  • Ability to browse and select the backup’s source (e.g. files and folders) and destination for restoration for both local and cloud backups
  • Updated branding options and new color palettes to support Service Provider branding
    Simplified installation
  • Improved RTO/RPO

Broad Range of Backup Options

  • Error handling
  • Multi-volume snapshotting
  • Pre-post backup and snapshot commands
  • Backup process priority
  • Always incremental backup format for image backup (non-cloud destination)
  • Backup files by inclusion masks
  • Backup validation

Expanded Backup Support

  • Support for Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange
  • Support for system state backup, and database level backup and restore
  • Image backup and bare-metal recovery for Mac computers
  • Staging to local media when backing up to cloud
  • Initial seeding for large-scale backups, enabling customers to create initial local backups and provide on physical drive to partner`s or Acronis datacenter
  • Backup of network shares
    32bit UEFI support on Linux
  • Improved backup to cloud stability on unreliable networks
  • Extended operating systems support:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1
    • Ubuntu 14.10
    • Debian 7.7
    • Fedora 21
    • CentOS 7
    • Oracle Linux 7
COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.