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Microsoft aims for the sky!


Jul, 15

Microsoft aims for the sky!

A report of Microsoft WPC 2015
WPC 2015 Team IngramJuly usually signals the start of a great exodus to France and other sunlit places. But for nearly 150 Belgians and 12.000 Microsoft partners from all over the world it is also the time to surrender to the annual Microsoft World Partner Conference. This year Orland was the designated place to learn, meet, be amazed and to discuss.

What was new? What stood out? Of course there was Windows 10 and the awesome features it offers. Especially the interaction with, and between, all other applications. Social and context driven collaboration is really getting there. And the HoloLens demo was unforgettable as well. If even half of what we have seen become reality, the world of R&D and design will fundamentally change.

However what caught most of our attention was the unconditional choice for cloud, and not just for Microsoft. Every other party present and the many breakout sessions all shared this common theme. The question that remains is how to best adopt cloud and how we can fit it in today’s world we created.

The process will be a gradual one, but foremost one with a plan, and that goes for the entire IT value chain. Some 95% of Microsoft’s current business revenue is generated through the partner channel and that will remain. Especially now that the CSP program has made its grand entrance. On the other hand Microsoft is investing greatly in data centers and will provide the hosting of many services themselves. Thus making the transition from software to services. It would be wise to ask yourself: what role can and will I be playing in the future?

WPC 2015 Ingram BoothIngram Micro has a clear vision. We are transforming into a master Cloud Services Provider and that is why we chose to be the number one sponsor of WPC 2015. Our goal is to enable partners and their customer to profit optimally from a growing collection of cloud services. And we will not only supply the services, but bundle, simplify and support them through a platform serving as management and provisioning tool for resellers.

Just like Microsoft, Ingram Micro is aiming for the sky!

– Harold Nelissen, Cloud Business Manager

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