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The perfect cloud sync and share customer? Who could it be?


Aug, 15

The perfect cloud sync and share customer? Who could it be?

A few years ago, when I was a channel account manager for a local distributor, I went to a meeting at a large organization in the Antwerp’s harbour district. A company with a large volume of predominantly sensitive and confidential files and digital concept plans specific to their environment. The main purpose of this meeting was to talk about Nomadesk and its enterprise file sharing and sync capabilities. Being a good salesman, naturally I asked a lot of questions and listened very carefully. One question in particular exposed this organization’s vulnerability in data interchange …

This question was: “Do you have any idea of which file sharing solutions are actually used in your network? … Without control over the who or what and which files are exchanged via the internet? …”. “Erm, well”, the man from the prospect said, “We know Dropbox is at least one of them.” My turn again; “OK … and do you have any idea of how many people are utilizing Dropbox within your network?” Which, by the way, wasn’t supported at all by the internal IT department, they were all private free licenses. “Erm”, he said hesitantly, “As far as we are aware … we think there might be about 500 of them … But we allow them to do this, as we simply don’t have any alternative for it! …”

500! Unmanaged Dropbox users,… Users working with their own (private) license to share files with external people! This almost literally blew my mind!
Please allow me to tell you this: If you need to and/or want to share data (and believe me, companies these days certainly need to), please do it right and properly, safe in the knowledge that it is done securely and that your organization is fully in control!

We’re very proud of the fact that we exclusively work through the channel and with the helping hand of Ingram Micro, we bring Nomadesk to reseller partners on a global scale through the Ingram Micro Cloud Market Place. A secure portal, in which you can configure, provision and manage Nomadesk licenses and other cloud technologies with confidence and ease.
So that’s why I would like to share a few use user cases for Nomadesk enterprise file share & synchronization with you, which hopefully you recognise within on your own client base.

You all have accountants, which is one of the most perfect target groups to benefit from Nomadesk file sharing & synchronization.

– Why?

Well, they will be able to create specific folders to share only with the relevant and appropriate clients. They can even make them “uploadable” too. So, picture the following, when at the end of the quarter, all clients need to share their quarterly reports with their accountant. The accountant will only have to share access to the folder only once. It is that simple and straightforward.

The folder can be divided in the four quarters of the year and the client uploads all incoming and outgoing invoices, together with his scanned receipts, paper invoices etc. in the correct subfolder. Now, this is where the magic happens. The accountant doesn’t have to do anything else now. When the client has uploaded all documents, the local Nomadesk software will synchronize all data with the devices at the accounts office. How nice and easy is that, right?

The beauty is, that the client doesn’t even need a Nomadesk license to be able to do this! It’s called a Nomadesk FolderLink and only the employees of the accountancy firm need to have licenses to benefit from the full feature set that Nomadesk offers.

So, you can set up Nomadesk as an alternative for a traditional file server or network share combined with FTP. But, Nomadesk is much easier to use and simplifies the sharing of information with external people, both safely and controlled.

Get in touch with the Ingram Micro Cloud team to learn more about Nomadesk.

Stay tuned for more stories and use cases in following blogs and posts. You can also register for one of our next upcoming webinars here.

Author: Nico Bosschaert – Distribution & Channel Account Manager, Nomadesk

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