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4C – ForeSEE reaches top with Office 365


Sep, 15

4C – ForeSEE reaches top with Office 365

Cloud consultant 4C – ForeSEE has won first place in the Office 365 Travel to the Top challenge, organized by Microsoft and master cloud service provider Ingram Micro. By surpassing all competition in Office 365 sales it is taking homing a travel vouching worth € 4.000,-. We spoke to 4C – ForeSEE about their success.

4C-ForeSEE-Logo4C – ForeSEE is an IT consultancy company where the four C’s are at the foundation of our organization”, says Johan Goddyn, founder. “We deal with the Coaching of people at different levels, ranging from IT management, company directors to system engineers. Second we always work from our client’s perspective, what we call Client Centric. Our Case by Case approach is tailored to the challenge at hand. And lastly we don’t primarily focus on products, but on the Concepts we can bring to our customers. We have an extensive base of experience and knowledge we interact with many vendors and markets, and we leverage this to our client’s advantage.”

“Although we are not purely a cloud company, the business case for solutions like Office 365 is becoming very strong in most situations. There is a lot of added value, and the challenge is to connect the Concept to a client’s business. There are still people that initially prefer to stick with their traditional on premise solution, but the arguments for that case often don’t hold up in an objective comparison.”

Travel-to-the-Top-BE-WinnerAsked for the secret to their success, Goddyn refers to the four C’s that are at the base of his company. “In short: connecting a company’s IT needs to the right people with the right Concepts. A client is not always able to translate their own needs to the optimal solution, because they are too close to create perspective. This is why Coaching is so important, because it brings new insights.”

“In a way, this is also why we chose Ingram Micro as our distribution partner”, says Johan. “Ingram Micro has the right concept for cloud, and the right people to back it up. We can build on their support and experience to create value for our customers.” Microsoft Office 365 is available through the Cloud Marketplace, launched earlier this year. “I first saw the Cloud Marketplace at In The Loop 2015 and it greatly simplifies the ordering and management processes.”

The award will go into “restoring the work-life balance”, Johan lets us know with a smile. “But I’m not sure I will be doing that in the cloud.”

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