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Making modern infrastructure available to everyone

Making modern infrastructure available to everyone.

We believe in a world where modern IT is available to everyone.

Explore why cloud infrastructure is the right way to expand your business, select your tools to grow and choose your solution to step in.

Experience greater profitability, scalability and simplicity.

In the cloud, infrastructure environments are continuously up-to-date, easily expandable and extremely flexible. Secure and well protected solutions can be created by using the latest techniques and offerings. Storage, networking resources and virtual machines can be configured and managed through a single portal only.

Cloud is not just a single technology, but a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business. This starts with offering cloud solutions and seamlessly deploying them, but the true value does not stop there,

it’s your services that make the difference.

At Ingram Micro Cloud we assist you in navigating the cloud infrastructure lifecycle. We help and guide you through your digital transformation. Support on business transformation and technical know-how will enable you to offer true value to your customers.

Explore, Grow and choose the right Solution


Where does your value fit in?

To be successful in the cloud business, an understanding of the cloud service model is necessary. Encompassing the three layers are: Software, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS).

Whether you are a System Integrator (SI), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Managed Solution Providers (MSP), every partner has its own value proposition. It’s on you to target the right market and look for that opportunity.

The intelligent future of cloud.

The modern business world is a more challenging environment than ever before. Competition between organisations looking to carve out a place for themselves in the market is fierce. Download this paper and learn more.

Determine your own path.

Download the ‘Partner Values’ document where we have outlined different angles to consider when transforming your business. Or learn why it’s important to differentiate and read ‘Tailoring cloud to a vertical’.

Act now and engage with your customer.

Cloud services bring huge opportunities. In order to succeed it is important to act now and engage with your customers.

Look at our Grow programs and tools to continue the journey.


How to elevate and increase your business.

Whether you are new to cloud infrastructures or already a seasoned partner, our programs and campaigns are here to drive your cloud solutions.

IaaS Growth Program

With the IaaS Growth Program (IGP), we offer valuable resources like business plans and marketing assets to increase your recurring monthly revenue.


In order to support you, we have developed a complete and unique education program with round tables, training sessions, on-site technical enablement sessions, live and recorded webinars.

Round tables
  • Regular base sessions
  • Stay up-to-date on latest developments

On a regular base we organize round tables to keep you updated about the latest developments. The sessions generally take place within our local offices.

Customized on-site Training
  • Skilled Sales Engineers
  • On-site enablement sessions

Our skilled Sales Engineers are available for teaching courses within your organization at place.

Azure Expert Training
  • 2-day course
  • Gain complete understanding of Azure
  • Build your IaaS business workshop

This training event helps you to understand the commercial benefits of Azure via CSP and enables you to build and deploy infrastructure solutions in the public cloud. It also includes a Cloud Marketplace demo and outlines the Ingram Micro pre and post-sales technical support offerings.

Live and Recorded Webinars
  • Online training modules
  • Quick sales and technical videos

Byte Size Azure
A series of quick sales and technical videos addressing overviews, frequently asked questions and best practices to make Azure easier to digest.


You can download the complete document of available services we offer on Azure, ask for assistance and guidance on architectural designs, use our recycling program or learn from our business strategy sessions we developed with one of our alliance partners.

How we deliver Azure services to you.
  • Discover what services to expect
  •  Priorities and response times

Every day Ingram Micro delivers valued services to its partners. Ingram Micro associates engage with you to deliver support, product and added value services around the globe.

This service description defines how we deliver Azure services to you, and how these can be accessed.

Discover your potential on a business scale.
    • 5 day interactive process
    • Workshops & Discovery sessions

In collaboration with a renowned and experienced business development partner we bring business strategy services.

You can match this with a clear view on the best technology that fits your business and organizational skills. In a five day interactive process of workshops you will discover how technology meets the requirements of your organization.

Become a true cloud architect.
  • Dedicated engineers to help you with architectural designs
  • From small, simple single sided solutions to comprehensive architecture

We assist you with architectural services with our in-house engineers and our TSSC. Dedicated engineers are available through your local Cloud Team to design architecture for your customer, based on Azure.

We will expand our services in the near future with assessment services, migration services and management and optimization services.

Reduce program risk, cost and complexity.
  • Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
  • Lifecycle Support Services
  • Onsite Data Destruction
  • e-Waste Recycling Services

Our Recycling Services reduce the risk, cost, and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets and consumer electronics throughout their lifecycle in compliance with environmental and data security regulations. We are a leading provider of global Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Lifecycle Support Services, Onsite Data Destruction, and e-Waste Recycling Services.


Choose your cloud, drive your business

Now that you know why cloud infrastructure is your future business and how to benefit from the enablement tools, it’s time to choose your cloud (combined) solution.

To make a quick start, click on the button below and start building your Infrastructure services on the Cloud Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web.

Combined Solutions

Combine solutions to create extra value and unleash full potential.


Ingram Micro Cloud’s EasyAzure program offers free blueprints. Check out the available solution areas to make a quick start: Protection, Management and Expansion.

IaaS & Security

While mobility is key in today’s business environments, consider IaaS technology and work securely in public clouds. For additional peace of mind, protect your data with smart encrypting tools, to be accessed anywhere.

IaaS & Collaboration

Have your important files synced across all your devices and keep everyone up to date, effortlessly. Share your folders and keep in control with powerful admin tools.

Take full advantage.

Seize the cloud infrastructure opportunity today.

Exclusive promotions!

Accelerate your business with:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) Program for Azure in CSP*
    Have Microsoft take ownership of the Azure subscription during the POC phase for a two months’ period.

* Contact your Cloud Team to learn more about our exclusive promotions.

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