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The Security Challenge

Businesses are being warned about the increasing threat of cyber security after governmental research into cyber security found that two thirds of large businesses experienced a cyber-breach in the last year. Attackers are now exploiting vulnerabilities within a businesses cyber security before they have time to react. As the security landscape grows, threat intelligence is vital in helping organizations discover old and new threats.

Today’s hackers build evasive malware to infiltrate networks and servers, and then hijack a company’s own infrastructure to infect more machines. Unfortunately inadequate endpoint security leaves the door wide open to a vast arra of cyber-attack techniques and tools including Malware and software exploits. It is imperative for businesses to have the right endpoint protection in place. Otherwise they run the real risk of a devastating security breach which could have damaging effects on the businesses margins and overall reputation. While advanced targeted attacks may grab the headlines, non-targeted attacks still make up the majority of malware. In the last year, Symantec reported nearly one million new threats were released into the wild each day.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, the solution to protect small and mid-sized companies against directed attacks and ransom ware is now exclusively available via the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

According to a recent Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, 65 percent of all the attacks was focused at small and mid-sized businesses, with the goal to steal valuable company data. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud gives small and mid-sized businesses adapted business protection. This protection will be installed in less than five minutes and can be managed by someone who has general IT-knowledge. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is decent for companies with 5 up to 1.000 employees, who are looking for an effective way to protect their business and personal devices.


About Symantec

To address this threat, Symantec have developed an integrated cyber defence platform which enables users to manage prevention, detection and response across gateways, messaging and the cloud onto one platform. Before this platform, businesses used a plethora of security products from different vendors which were not designed to work in sync with one another. With this integrated platform, Symantec has a guard at every gate. According to the Forrester wave report into ‘Endpoint security suites’ it was discovered that Symantec’s offering ‘ Symantec Endpoint Protection’ was the most complete endpoint security suite on the market. Symantec Endpoint Protection uses artificial intelligence to deliver superior protection, high-performance, and orchestrated response to stop threats regardless of how they attack your endpoint; so you can focus on your business.

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Cloud solutions

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Suitable for your end customer?


Your end customer won’t invest in expensive hardware solutions: for these cloud solutions is no hardware required. Your end customer only pays for the services they need;


Do mobile employees have access to the data in the cloud? No matter if employees are traveling or at the office, they always have access to their cloud data;


Can cloud solutions grow at the same time as the company they work for? Symantec solutions are flexible en can grow with every company situation. Storage capacity and licenses can be expanded;


The end customer worries about the protection of the data which are saved in the cloud: confidentially data in the cloud are just as save as the data inside the company.

Transition to the cloud with confidence

For the majority of businesses, the transition from traditional on premise to cloud based email security is a gradual and daunting processes. Symantec is ready to help make your transition to cloud based protection confidently without any security compromises. The system is built to protect all email solutions running in your environment including Microsoft Office 365, Google apps and other hosted mailboxes. As well as on premise email systems such as Microsoft Exchange. With Symantec you can wrap a comprehensive layer of protection around all of these different systems nothing slips through the cracks, stopping data leaks which could be extremely costly to your business. Transitioning to Symantec allows you to stay one step ahead of cyber threats with total ease and convenience.

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Symantec & Microsoft

Reach a higher level of protection for Office 365 and make sure that only the right people have access to company data.


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